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Xiaomi IPO with Saxo Bank

Big news from Hong Kong! Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi will enter the stock exchange in that city on July 9, which is most likely going to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest financial event of this year. Saxo Bank will cover this event in great detail by allowing you to invest with this powerhouse from day one, and we have all the details about the options you will be given right here. It’s going to be an exciting period, so you really don’t want to miss out on this event. The rest of this article will show you why. Keep reading and prepare to invest in something that could shake the financial world.

The things you need to know

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend you take a look at our Saxo Review which contains all the details about this company’s offer. You’ll be able to prepare yourself for the Xiaomi IPO more thoroughly that way. Remember, everything is starting on July 9, but you should be able to start ordering shares online three days earlier. Just to give you an idea how big this is, we will say that Xiaomi IPO is projected to end up raking in about 4.7 billion USD and that the total value of the enterprise behind it is over 76 billion. No wonder they call them the Apple of China. But what does Saxo Bank have to do with it? A lot. Stay tuned for the trading choices that will be offered by the broker.

Xiaomi Saxo Bank IPO

Xiaomi IPO options with Saxo Bank

When the company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange it will immediately become available on Saxo Bank’s website, too. Here, you will have two main choices: to invest in the stocks directly or to trade them as CFDs. The latter option even comes with some leverage (you can grow your exposure 2.5 times). In both cases, however, there will be a small commission to pay, but considering it’s only 100 HKD (less than 13 USD at the moment of writing this article), it’s really not something that should deter you from trading here. Look for the 1810:xhkg ticker code, and you will find your target. If you’re a seasoned trading veteran, you already know why Xiaomi IPO is so important, but even if you’re a beginner, Saxo Bank’s experts will bring you up to date. Everything on the broker’s website is there to serve you, so go ahead and be a part of the most important financial event this summer.

Saxo Bank Home Page


To conclude, the best way to invest in, stay in touch with or learn everything you want to know about Xiaomi IPO is via Saxo Bank’s website. Loads of options, great trading platform and an impeccable service all combine to provide you with a perfect trading experience. Don’t wait; sign up right now to get in on the action. This could be the best opportunity on the market in quite a long time.

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